Do you know all the players on your team?

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akeelahbee_lg I don’t know how I missed it at the theatre but this weekend I watched Akeelah and The Bee.  (I am a HUGE movie buff for those movies that do not win Best Picture of the Year:)) There is a scene where Akeelha’s tutor, Dr. Larabee, tells her he has done all he can do to help her prepare for the bee.  She protests insisting that she cannot possibly go on much less win the bee without him.  He sends her away with “tools” – 5000 extra words to learn and reminds her that there are many people who can help her.  Not only are there many people now but that there always has been….they are there if you look.  As she goes back to prepare she realizes that truly there are many people who can help her…….and more importantly, want to help her succeed and that believe that she will.  You will have to rent the movie and see what happens…….

But for today, I ask you…….what tools do you have and who do you know that would be glad to help you if you only let them know what you are trying to achieve?  Who doesn’t want to help someone who is following their dream, their passion and stretching themselves to succeed in areas where they have not done so before?  I want to be on that persons team….dont’ you??!!

Look around….who are two people you can engage as “success team players” this week?  Ask today!

Also, when was the last time you kept a list of everything you wanted to do – business and personal?..I used to keep one on the refrigerator for ever….not sure why I stopped after I achieved those things..

Check out ……make your list this week too……set the intention for what you want today, tomorrow, next year…and keep adding to it……then, look around one more time and pay attention to who is right in front of you that would probably LOVE to help you achieve those things and more.

Check out the New Traveler Tips exercise on page 84 of The Field Guide To Sales…..create your list of 250 this week!

90% of life is showing up!

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It never ceases to amaze me to watch how the awesome people I know can get together and magic happens even if they don’t know each other.  You guys were amazing to watch and I loved all the new “connections” you made and can’t wait to hear what you do next!!

THANK YOUEarly Birds“! How fun to have you at The Sales Company’s “morning” conference room at Einstein Bagel to sign a nice, new, crisp copy of your copy of The Field Guide To Sales!:)  Next time I see those books I want them to be well worn and for you to share your ideas and experiences you have added and written in the margins!

For those of you who showed up “virtually”:) THANK YOU for all your great notes and cheers…and ordering your books online……look for your favorite postman to deliver your autographed copy in a couple of days!:)

Thank you for showing up in person and virtually!!!:)….our next event will be for the Night Owls….stay tuned…not sure if it will be a warm milk so you can go to sleep event or a extra caffeine coffee event so you can stay up later….either way it will be at a Starbuck’s near you!:)

Where else do you need to be “showing up” for your business so that more great things can be happening?  Can I help by teaching you how to do that?  Check out page 80 in the book – That First Step Is A Doozey.

..and let me know where else you think I should SHOW UP to continue to preach the sales gospel according to Debbie!:)

Einstein Bagel Book Signing at Dawn

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The Sales Company


Debbie Mrazek 

REMINDER…Einstein Bagel Book Signing at Dawn!

Please join me for coffee and a bagel at our book signing for The Field Guide to Sales!  Copies will be for sale and I will be delighted to autograph them for you!!

If you are one of our "EARLY BIRD gets the worm" friends and colleagues, please come and join us on Thursday, March 6th from 7:00 – 9:30 a.m. at Einstein Bagel in Plano (7000 Independence Parkway), next to Kroger’s!

Look forward to seeing you at dawn! J

Happy Selling!

Debbbie Mrazek

PS – If you can’t be with us at sunrise for bagels and want a book, please order today and I will be glad to autograph it for you or inscribe it to whoever you would like to send it to as a gift! J

Contact Info 

Debbie Mrazek

The Sales Company


How To Use Sales Power To Fuel Funding

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Written by Debbie Mrazek

Which came first? The chicken or the egg? When it comes to raising venture capital, it’s hard to tell whether a companies sales lay the golden egg or are the golden egg. On the heels of a dot com slowdown, a tried and true business model is reemerging and offering an effective, proven way to approach investors.

It’s no secret that not so long ago investors, eager to cash in on an exploding Internet e-conomy, happily funded technology companies headed by strong teams offering futuristic wares. Some of those companies came to the table with a viable business plan and others hoped that funding could command their business model. It didn’t take investors long to learn the technology ropes. Now, high-tech companies looking for funds have to wow investors the old fashioned way – with an impressive product offering, savvy professional team, investment-worthy business plan and financial data worthy of securing the dough. Funding in the new millennium is hardly an undertaking for the faint of heart.

Next, enter sales. What if tech companies incorporated their Plan B into their Plan A? Ah, yes, now we are talking. Plan B, of course, is to start selling the product or service – just in case the VC doesn’t come through. Spin that idea around and marry it to Plan A and you have a tech formula for success.

Sales could be your key to the VC vault. Venture capitalists are looking for a revolutionary product or service that can offer them a handsome return on investment. If your company sales prove that your product has a market – we’re talking customers here – and you have the plan to take it successfully to that market, then you are that much closer to securing the funds you desire.

Powering up sales to ignite funding offers more than a safety net. In one instance, a company incorporating a sales plan with the path to funding found that company sales funded the business sufficiently enough that venture investment/funding was no longer needed. The team redirected more energy and effort into sales and increased the company’s return exponentially. If the company moved along the funding path, it could still be waiting for VC instead of running an explosively successful operation today.

So what does it take to put your sales vehicle in motion? You need to start with a plan. As critical as your business plan is to your venture, so too is your sales plan for your sales activities. Time is money and, as an emerging company, you have to maximize both. Unless you successfully have managed the sales process, it’s wise to spend the money and invest in a person or a company that has a track record in your industry for growing companies such as yours. Be sure that the sales pro knows how to work with the resources you have available.

When you meet with prospective sales consultants, be honest about your situation.

  • How many people can focus on sales activities?
  • What, realistically, is your sales budget and how long can you commit to the plan once it is developed?
  • How much time can company leaders devote to tracking, follow up and redirection?

Next map out who, what, when and where.

  • Who will develop the sales strategy and plan?
  • Who will execute it?
  • What is the process?
  • What are the goals?
  • When will you start? When will you review your results?
  • Where will you begin your action plan?
  • Where will you find the operating funds to keep the show afloat until you realize tangible results?

Then, put your plan on paper and commit to it. Set your weekly, monthly, semi-annual and annual sales goals. Execute and analyze. What’s working? What isn’t? What can you do better – smarter? What was a miss and why? Log all activity into your sales journal and tweak the process until you get it right.

Once you are on the sales track, reach out to mentors or others you know who have successfully grown their companies through increased sales. In sales, the goal is to work smarter, not harder. Tap into your true sales potential and you will be on your way to growing your company and securing funding – through VC or, at a minimum, your own sales power.

Top 7 Ways to Recession Proof Your Business

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Written by Debbie Mrazek

Good companies and good products are in demand no matter what the economy is doing. Just because there is a recession, it doesn’t mean that everyone is experiencing the same effect from it.

The key to riding out the recession is to create a plan to address it. Simply planning ahead is one of the best strategies companies can use when experts begin to whisper recession.

Recession-proofing your sales begins with you, and being proactive is one of the best ways to ride high when others are crashing.

Put these seven easy strategies to work for you and you’ll soon find that recession or not your sales are soaring!

1. Lock in client loyalty. Remember, you aren’t the only one facing a possible recession. What can you do to serve your best clients? Call and ask.

2. Dig out lost proposals. You never know if those lost proposals went to another company that may not have been the perfect fit.

3. Make time for Face Time. It’s easy to slip into the habit of staying in the office and doing business by phone and email. Drop by or schedule a time to meet with clients. Listen for opportunities where you can offer a solution for their problems.

4. See a Need and Fill It. In a possible recession, sometimes luxuries are the first to go. However, if there’s a need, there’s usually money to pay for a solution. Can you create products or add-on items that fill a need?

5. Create package options. In hearty economic times, there’s more to go around. When companies face a possible recession, slashing expenses is one of the first things companies do. To stand out from others, create package deals that offer lots of value-add for the buck. This way you will stand out as a good deal.

6. Do more for less. We aren’t talking about giving away the farm. We are talking about doing just slightly more for the same amount. If you would normally tack on fees for an item, throw it in for free. Gifting ignites the law of reciprocity and loyalty follows.

7. Put systems, marketing campaigns, and people in place sooner than later. Businesses that take a proactive approach will feel less blind-sided. Create your plan now and implement it. And whatever you do, don’t cut back on sales and marketing initiatives!

Recessions are part of the economic landscape. They won’t be going away anytime soon. The best thing you can do is plan now instead of later. Determine a plan of action and work that prior to and through the tougher times.

Updated Authority Black Book 2.0

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For those of you who may be new to the blogging world, there are a few great ‘veterans’ who can share a wealth of information. We’ve found that you can become a veteran in short order by actually applying yourself to the blogging world. Still, if you are looking for a crash course, a quick hit to tap into the latest trends and best tips, then look no further than Jack Humphrey’s Authority Black Book 2.0 – all new and revised for 2008.

I heard about Jack when I listened to a recent interview Joe Vitale had with David LeDoux about all things blogging. Jack was the ‘expert’ blogger that helped David’s blog, go from new blog to well on its way in about four months. Since that time, I’ve seen Jack in many places on the web, and am eager to recommend his updated Authority Black Book for those of you who want to tap into the power and benefits of social networking.

This report offers great tips about link baiting, developing a social maven strategy and much more. It’s not a 1-2-3 guide for those who are complete novices; however, it is definitely worth more than the price of admission – FR.EE. is the #1 blog serving the social networking phenomenon. It also is a Technorati Top 100 blog. Mashable ranked the Authority Black Book the #1 FR.EE eBook for Bloggers last year. With more updates, it’s a must have.