Membership in GREAT organizations

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What groups do you belong to?  Professional, community, school, etc??

Why do you belong to them?  How long have you belonged to them?

What do they do for you?  Do you participate or merely show up from time to time?


Obviously, you have thousands of organizations out there today that you can belong to.  How do you choose?

I generally choose because of the leadership, the mission, the members that are involved. Ten years ago I joined an organization called   eWomenNetwork because of it’s two founders, Sandra and Kym Yancey, who were just beginning this new organization that was only going to be on the web – I loved them as the leadership, believed in their mission to connect women all over the world by having a website where they could find one another sorted by their areas of interest or geography and I knew the membership would be great because it would be other terrific women.

After 10 years not only have I met an unbelievable group of women but the organization changed after a couple of years of being on the web when they continued to have women ask them if they could get together in person.

Fast forward – we have met in person hundreds of wonderful women at monthly meetings, spoken at different chapter meetings, attended the International Conference and Business EXPO (which if you are in Dallas July 10-13th you don’t want to miss this—remember your girls dorm in college and how fun that was?? Well, this is the downtown Hyatt Regency as a 4 day dormitory with fabulous women and it is legal to drink alcoholic beverages without getting expelled!:)),had the opportunity to speak for all of eWomens Managing Directors from Canada and the United States as well as do a conference breakout session – also, eWomen is the one who recommended me to speak in various cities for the Office Depot Success Strategies for Businesswomen Conferences,  we joined another eWomen initiative the eWomenPublishing Network – learned how to create a book, have created a book, have published our book The Field Guide To Sales —and  yes that is our book on the first page of the networking site!:)100_1603 ***at our monthly meetings we also have sponsorship tables….this was us yesterday at our monthly meeting at Glen Eagles Country Club – contact Kym Glass – Managing Director, Plano if you would like to join us next month:


Has it been worth the time, the money, the effort?????????? YES a thousand times over!!!  Can you say this about organizations that you belong to?  If not, find a great new organization where you can volunteer, participate, learn, network, connect with other awesome people like yourself who share your drive and ambition….it is money in the bank when you do!!!!!$$$$$


Thought you might enjoy some of the points that I did from our monthly meeting last month when Sandra spoke on WORKING TOGETHER WORKS :

We love a down economy; everything is on sale!!

When you think no one cares about you – skip a payment.

Universe never shows up early or late….it is always right on time.

Believe what you see; see what you believe.

Don’t need to adopt others way but adapt in a way that honors yourself.

Your fortune is in the future because of follow-up.

People like people who smile.:)

-Sandra Yancey

Founder, eWomenNetwork

Author, Relationship Networking: The Art of Turning Contacts into Connections

Sandra Yancey

Plano eWomen April 2008

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Hey guys…what a fun event with Sandra for our Plano eWomen in April!!:)  It was so wonderful to see such a great turnout!:)  Yancey Kym:) I am sorry I didn’t even get to chat with you but you looked mighty handsome to go along with that beautiful bride!:)

Thank you for the opportunity to have a table…see picture attached:)… show my book to all my eWomen girlfriends!

Love you all,



 eWomen April 29,2008

Trade Shows – Are you in the game??

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Do you do trade shows???  It is a great way to get to see many people that you are focused on for your business in one place during a specific period of time….think about it like you are having many sales calls with people that you want to meet without the trouble of phone tag, driving to each of their place of business – and back to the office, etc…

For example, I did the Women’s Business Council trade show this week.  Women Business Owners (WBE’s) like myself were the exhibitors and the “audience in attendance” were other WBE’s and corporations that support the Women’s Business Council – FedEx, JC Penneys, Frito Lay, Texas Instruments, UPS….you get the picture…..these are not companies that you can waltz into any old day of the week and be able to meet with the exact person you need to talk to.  Imagine them walking up to you!!:)  Sales doesn’t have to be hard you know!:)

You need to have a booth that is engaging and peeks their interest as they walk by because they don’t know you and perhaps they didn’t come to the trade show today looking for your specific product or service.  They see your booth and think to themselves that they forgot they were needing what you do…and voila! there you are!:)

I was wanting to use this venue to get out the word on my Recession Proof Sales program and of course:)….promote and sell my new book, The Field Guide To Sales.  Have a theme for what you are wanting to do….use posters like these great ones that our friends at Crown Press did…ask for the awesome Tom Walters and tell him we sent you!:)…one poster featured the question: Don’t You Wish You Had A GPS to Improve Your Results? and the other has my beautiful bee logo and my company name.

100_1601100_1602 Go to WalMart and get fun stuff to further your theme….for me I was using camouflage  – Trail Mix for them to take with them, Camo napkins so they don’t get their hands dirty, camo rug to drape across table, camo cooler to haul books:), signs that fit with the theme, tin can to collect business cards for the drawing for the SALES SURVIVAL KIT, of course my happy face volleyball for fun in the wilderness:)…and unfortunately the part we forgot to take a picture of was my darling CAMO flats to go with my wilderness jacket!!

Cost…yes, it does cost real green dollars to do a trade show…this one was about $750 dollars…and of course a days worth of my time……but how much would I have paid for the UPS representative to come and talk to me about what UPS needs and also recommend me to a person at Microsoft that is doing a women’s conference???  More than $750 I promise you!!:)  What will be the return??  Of course, there are no guarantees.  What I know for sure is that if you don’t show up nothing will happen….you have got to play to win!!:)

Are you in the game to win….are  you in the game???  If not, GET IN TODAY!!!  Call your professional association and see when their next conference, trade show, event is and sign up!!

Happy Selling!$$$$$$$