The WORLD is your oyster!

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Debbie Mrazek – Living and Leading interview with Forrest Ward

How do you get your message to the WORLD???  Needless to say meeting everyone on the planet one on one is probably not an effective use of your time or even possible!:)

What if you have someone help you tell the world…or at least 60 countries on the face of the globe?

Enter a wonderful Johnny Appleseed who is helping me sow the message for sales that I want to get out to the world.  His name is Forrest Ward and I want you to know him too!!  Forrest has a program called Living & Leading on an internet radio site called Apostle Radio and he invited me to be his guest speaker to tell about my background, my business and the community things that are important to me that might help others in how they make a difference in their world.

Hear the interview here:Debbie Mrazek – Living and Leading interview with Forrest Ward

Forrest and I met at a luncheon hosted by Jeff Crilley who has written THE book on Free Publicity – Free Publicity: A TV Reporter Shares the Secrets for Getting Covered on the News.  Jeff had allowed us to stand up during the luncheon and tell about our new book, The Field Guide To Sales, and afterwards Forrest came up to me to ask if he could buy a copy and told me he had a radio show that he would like to interview me for…WOW! was all I could think!!  (NOTE: You know how I am always telling you that you need to show up for something to happen…this is a great case in point!!:))

Forrest uses the radio program to showcase others and get the message out about what he does for companies in his business.  His firm is committed to working with entrepreneurs to expand their businesses through developing business plans and marketing strategies, facilitating those plans and strategies, pre-screening and testing potential employees, training new employees, and providing a network of services to obtain clients.  Feel free to Call 817-880-5651 or email to have Forrest work with you and your business or speak to your group.

How do you get your message out to the world???  Engage with others who use a different medium to get the word out or who have a different market.  I use newsletters, blogs, speeches, articles,etc to get the word out.  Forrest uses his great LIVING AND LEADING radio program.  So today I tell my world via my blog about him and he tells his world via his radio show about me….this is how the world becomes our oyster!!

Who has an audience that you would like to reach today….call them and see if they will share your story with their audience and you in turn can share their story with yours…and the world gets bigger!:)

Happy Selling!

Networking is FUN!:) because fun is fun…period!:)

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Yesterday we did a really fun event to promote our new book, The Field Guide To Sales, and have a great excuse to get together with our colleagues – something a little different than the regular one hour lunch at a restaurant, at a conference table, event or a round of golf at the club…we had SPA DAY Book Signing….ok, ok, it was girls only for us….but next time we will think about adding the guys:)….we were at the wonderful Stonebriar Spa in Frisco, TX.  Talk about a change of scenery to get your brain working!!:)  Imagine a change of scenery from the regular restaurant, golf course, conference room to a beautiful peaceful environment where you relax – massage, facial, mani, pedi…and then in between treatments you sit in this gorgeous room below and relax, visit with each other, sip a little wine, enjoy a cup of tea or wonderful fresh lemon infused water…well guess what….business CAN get done in this environment and it is FUN, FUN, FUN!:)  At the end of the day there were a few of us still sitting around in our comfy robes and warm blankets and talking about what a great way to meet people this event was, how we got some new referrals, great ideas, awesome networking, we could hear each other talk:), we bonded in a way that next time we see the new people we met yesterday it will seem like we are old friends…..wish you had been with us….it may have been a “business event”…but for us it was FUN and fun was fun!:)


What are some other different kinds of ways you could have FUN with your colleagues and get to know one another, engage in meaningful conversation, talk comfortably…..some other ideas might be:

  • A wine tasting – usually done in quiet environments over a few hours and everyone is usually “happy” :) when they leave
  • Hot air balloon ride – get everyone out to do something they may have never done before but that is engaging and highly memorable
  • Cooking class – we all know the way to the heart is thru the stomach right??:)  We all can’t be Julia Childs but a group can put out a great meal like Julia when they have someone showing them every step of the way!  Check out my friend, Chef Karel Anne’s cooking school that does this sort of event
  • Concert in the park – find a group that all like the same artist and buy tickets, sit in the grass, rent a bus to ride together to go there, stand in line for nachos and beer together in between sets….great way to get to know people and have time to talk!:)

Whatever you do just do something FUN….sales does not have to be drudgery to be successful….the best sales are always done with people who genuinely like one another and enjoy being together whether at the conference table, over lunch or at a FUN event!:)

Happy Selling!