(WordPress Designer)

December 28, 2007

Our new site is just about to launch, and with it, the blog I’ve been so wanting to write! What was the holdup? Well, uh, I’ve got this teensy weensy issue with not liking cluttery, ugly or downright blah websites.

So one night I get the brain flash to look up “clean, minimalist wordpress template” and my whole word changed!

Enter Brian Gardner. We love his simple, elegant WordPress templates and they are just so easy to use! He’s just released a few more, and if you’ve ever been through the web design process (which can often take months and months), you will be delighted to hear that WordPress sites can be modified in short order – usually taking less than 10 hours tops! Simple changes can be made in less than 10 minutes. Even a novice can do it!

What’s not to love about people like Brian who make the e-world a less cluttery place to live? Plus, his themes are ridiculously affordable! Be sure when you check out the theme that you also look through the Showcase so you can get some ideas about how they can be modified. Bravo Brian – we love you!

Feeling the itch to get a blog moving…go with it!


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