Character – would yours be seen as a home run?

August 20, 2014

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Sales is a contact sport complete with your team and their – competitors – team.

Does your team know your “home run” dream?

Would the competitors team think enough of you to help you get it?

Often times people think the profession of sales lacks character.  I am here to tell you that is not true!

Many have asked me about the DEDICATIONS page in my book, The Field Guide To Sales….and WHY in heavens name would I dedicate my book to a COMPETITOR???????????  This video reminded me of Rick Smith -my greatest competitor EVER! – and how he was like the two young women who didn’t hardly hesitate to do what was right with no time to think about what this would do for them…..but knowing that young woman on the OTHER team could not make her dream of a home run come true by herself and her own team could not help her.  Their character is as second nature to them as breathing…is yours?

Some days it is not about the number on the scoreboard….the girls who carried their competitor over home plate so she could score a home run did not win the game……and they were not losers either.

Play ball!!!!!!!!!!


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