Consolidate Your Blog Reading into Microsoft Outlook 2007

January 22, 2008

Are you a busy professional that is finding it daunting to keep track of all the blogs you read?

Well your savior is here! We will show in a few simple steps and how get the True You Marketing Blog into Microsoft Outlook 2007. Once you master this simple process for our site, you will be able to add as many sites as you want.

The benefit of aggregation of content from multiple Web sources is that you no longer have to visit different Web sites for news, weather, blogs, and other information. You can see if there is anything of interest for Microsoft Outlook which most professionals are in all day, anyway.

To get started with the process you will need to open Outlook 2007 and an Internet Explorer or FireFox Window.

1. Step one is to get the URL for our Blog Feed ( )

Open Internet explorer and type in our website . You will then see a page that looks similar to the one below. Now weed need to discover the RSS or BLOG feed for our site.

You can discover new RSS feeds on Web sites that offer this feature by looking for clip_image001, clip_image002or, clip_image003. In some Web browsers, such as Microsoft Windows Internet Explorer 7, when you click these buttons, you can subscribe to the associated feed and find the link.


Click on the clip_image001[1] link at the top right of our site and you will be taken to a new page that looks like this:


In the address bar of Internet Explorer is the link we want to use with Microsoft Outlook 2007. ( Now, right click on the URL in the address bar and select Copy.

We are now ready to add the link to Microsoft Outlook 2007.

2. Go to Microsoft Outlook 2007. You should be in your default mail view. On the left menu under mail you should see RSS Feeds.


Right click on RSS and Select Add a New RSSS Feed


You will then get a prompt for the feed to add. Past in the URL we copied earlier ( and hit Add.


You will then get a second prompt warning you to add only BLOGS that you know. Hit Yes to add the BLOG to Microsoft Outlook 2007.


You have now successfully added True You Marketing’s BLOG to Microsoft Outlook 2007!


To read a post, just click on the Headline and click View Article. This process will work for any RSS capable BLOG.

If you have any further questions remember you can always email us using the contact form on our site.


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