July 6, 2009

Last week we had sent out a Happy 4th of July newsletter and asked you for your favorite Top 10 Freedom’s.  It was amazing and heart warming to see them and I have a couple to share below that incorporate what many others said.   One thing I wasn’t expecting was there were a couple of people on my list that I thought were Americans and they were not.  They filled out their list with the 10 freedoms they appreciated in America that they did not have in their own country and stated that these freedoms were things they were grateful for each day.  It reminded me again that we have so much that we take for granted….imagine if we did not have these freedoms…we too might take them much more seriously.


1. the freedom to live where I want

2. the freedom to pray to the God of my choosing

3. the freedom to marry whom I want

4. the freedom to associate with whom I want

5. the freedom to learn to read and go to school

6. the freedom to earn a living in the fields of my choice

7. the freedom to go where I want, unescorted by brother, father or husband

8. the freedom to wear what I want, no veil unless I choose so

9. the freedom to read the books, magazines, etc. I want and to see the films I’d like

10. the freedom of speech, to be able to respond to this message openly and honestly–God Bless America!!

Freedom affords me the ability to:

1.  Worship as I choose

2.  Travel as I please

3.  Speak my mind

4.  Write my ideas

5.  Express my beliefs

6.  Sell and buy in a “free” market

7.  Vote my conscience

8.  Stand up publicly for what I know to be right

9.  Participate in the legal and justice systems

10.  Choose…Choice is the cornerstone of Freedom


I’ll start with the first four that Franklin Roosevelt described in his State of the Union Address to the Congress, January 6, 1941:

"The first is freedom of speech and expression–everywhere in the world.

The second is freedom of every person to worship God in his own way–everywhere in the world.
The third is freedom from want–which, translated into universal terms, means economic understandings which will secure to every nation a healthy peacetime life for its inhabitants–everywhere in the world.
The fourth is freedom from fear–which, translated into world terms, means a world-wide reduction of armaments to such a point and in such a thorough fashion that no nation will be in a position to commit an act of physical aggression against any neighbor–anywhere in the world."

And here are my six, at least for 2009. One of the joys of true freedom is that you can pick new ones any time you want.

1. The freedom to make an idiot of myself.
2. The freedom to recover successfully after making an idiot of myself.
3. The freedom to ignore social classes.
5. The freedom to invent new freedoms.
4. The freedom to give up my freedoms (Not recommended. The price of freedom is, of course, eternal vigilance.).
6. The freedom to bitch and moan about not having any freedoms (frequently used; vastly underappreciated, at least by some folks).


My Dad and brother are buried less than 100 yards apart in Arlington Cemetery.  There is not one day that the impression of that hallowed place doesn’t remind me of the blessings of living in this country.
Freedom is knowing that those that you have brought into this world have the best chance to succeed compared to anyplace on the planet.
Freedom seems to know no boundary of race or belief, we seem to always try to pull together when things are bad and enjoy our lives when things are good.
Freedom is the ability to think any thought and know that the Constitution gives you that right.
Freedom always seems to give us more chances to do the right thing.


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