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A startling fact about achieving sales goals…

There are two primary ways sales professionals go about the business of selling. One is a scatter shooting approach where you follow up on every lead, every phone call and every one in between hoping to get the sale. The other overloads you with more marketing and sales ‘to do’ items than a team of 10 could handle and expects you to chase down prospects.

Both are wrought with failure points and neither put the salesperson on the path toward results.

Think about it – you have too many things on your plate to really get to know your potential customers. You do not have enough hours in the day to properly follow-up with your existing clients. You are given a sales goal to meet that no one bothered to ask you about before they gave it to you. And you never get to see your family and friends because you are always working.

The main worker bee here is you, and you are steadily running out of steam! Why bother?

Wait! Before you throw in the towel, you need to know there is another way!

The Field Guide to Sales eCourse advocates a third model. You reap the benefits of a flexible sales process that puts you in control and gets others to do all the heavy lifting for you. And, the best thing is that you have a pocket coach and a step-by-step have a roadmap that allows you to address typical sales weak spots before they can do damage to your sales numbers!’

It’s the best of all worlds!

“The Sales Company helps you develop a successful sales strategy you can follow to results. That’s been our experience. We booked 110% when our competitors were downsizing or going out of business. I know this was a direct result of the work we did with The Sales Company. They worked with us to develop a sales strategy tailored to our company and to each individual. And, they helped us stay positive and on top of the sales curve.”
“We came to The Sales Company because sales were at a standstill and profits were dipping. The wisdom and perspective they brought to the sales and business side of our company were great! I never thought about sales this way before! The Sales Company continues to help us prioritize and decide which direction is best for our company. They don’t make decisions for us; they help us make better decisions. My business has been steadily growing and we’ve hired three new employees since we started working with The Sales Company. They are the guardian angel of our business.”

Dare to be a Top Sales Producer!


Yeah, yeah, I know what you are thinking. Look Deb, I’ve read all those books by “great” sales people and tried all sorts of new systems. I can’t even think about adding one more thing to my plate.

I say you can’t afford NOT to!

“Our first meeting with The Sales Company, I recall you telling our group that they would have to work with a new system. After the meeting, it seemed each person had some resistance to offer,…but we’re already so busy.” “…these numbers don’t really mean anything because they’re guesses…”

“Today we employ a simple and effective sales management program. Thanks to your practical approach, we have formalized our revenue forecasting process and increased individual sales accountability, thus allowing us to proactively manage our sales efforts. The new process shortly became routine. Thank you for your immeasurable help. Yes, change is painful, but mediocrity is more so.”

Look at it this way – only 1% of the sales people are recession proof. They can get hired whenever and where ever they want. They are not stuck in a job they do not like. They do not have to worry about sales goals because they blast through them like tissue paper. AND, they never, ever have to worry about the economy.

The fact is, if you aren’t hitting your numbers, you are spending your time on the wrong things and in the wrong areas.  How is that possible?


I know it is highly likely because the top 1% do not work themselves to death just to make quota. They have the right system and the right approach. They spend their time in three distinct areas, understanding that these key areas hold the keys to turbo-charged sales. In short, they know a secret that the other 99% of sales professionals don’t.

Don’t you want the same secret they have working for you?  How do I know what the secret is?


Because I’ve been in your shoes – out in the trenches day-to-day. I also have been a top 1% sales producer. Whether you’re a new salesperson working to get that first client or you’ve been selling for years, the systematic process is always the same.

The Field Guide to Sales eCourse helps you focus time, energy, and other resources on things that matter for you, the client, and the company. It can also help you lighten your load of activities that steal your attention from the bigger prize.

In short, read The Field Guide to Sales eCourse, follow the systems and tools given to you, and become a top sales person!



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