Why is it that so many companies are reluctant to move until action is the only answer to the challenge at hand? Whatever the reason, the only answer is to start today – with what you have – and move consistently and systematically toward what you want.

Debbie Mrazek is an author, speaker and consultant. She works with companies to increase sales through proven processes that lead to predictable sales.

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Debbie’s presentation style combines sales know-how and insightful business knowledge. She loves working with entrepreneurs, family businesses and corporations so much, she named her successful consulting company The Sales Company.

Just like her consulting, Debbie’s focus is empowering people today to create growth and change that moves companies quickly toward their goals.

Debbie’s presentations are highlighted by energy, enthusiasm and passion. She turns sales training into a sales celebration. In her top-rated presentations, she provides insights gleaned from her 20-year career that started with technology giant Texas Instruments and continued through the technology outsourcing revolution, and included the newly formed Compaq Computers as well as others like Abbott Laboratories, Tandy Electronics, Motorola and Alcatel, just to name a few.

Her unmistakable warmth and nurturing manner provide a safe haven for those who proclaim, “I HATE SALES!” And, her one dose kick-in-the-butt attitude combined with three parts nurturing is what veterans say is “just what they needed to get the selling fire burning again.”

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Keynote Speaker

As a Keynote Speaker, Debbie delivers on-point, power-packed information designed to get people moving and motivated. The following are keynote topics:

• The Field Guide to Sales – Plan for Success From the Start
• The Forecast is Sales (Using a sales forecast for predictable sales)
• ABCs of Selling
• Pack Your Sales Backpack for Success
• 168 Hours: What are you doing with yours?
• SALES CHECK-UP: Prescription for Healthy Sales

Meeting & Retreat Facilitator

From strategic meetings to company retreats, Debbie can add the energy and insight to get your team focused on results. Debbie can also speak on any number of mini-sessions designed to add to and enhance the retreat experience. Session topics, include:
• Alexander Graham Bell…or the phone is really not a living organism that can eat you alive!
• Are You a Sales Person?
• Follow-up Basics
• Function of “Sales” in Emerging Companies
• How To Conquer the Beast of…
• I Hate “The Price” Conversation
• Implementing A Predictable Sales Process
• Improving the Image of Engineers Through Chamber of Commerce Membership
• Is Networking Enough?
• Is There Ever Really a Win-Win?
• Making and Keeping a Sales Plan
• Negotiating Contracts
• Presentation Skills That Don’t Allow Fainting
• Proven Cash Producing & Qualified Lead Generation Technologies
• Sales Strategies
• Selling Your Unique Advantage
• Smart Doesn’t Always Win
• Systems are What Make the World Go Around
• Ten Steps to a Predictable Sales Process
• Trade Show Training
• Do You Know The Rule of 250? Why Who You Know Matters
• Who is the right salesperson for your company?

Event Emcee

If you are looking for an emcee for your event, Debbie delivers just the right blend of enthusiasm and structure to ensure your event’s success. She can adapt any of her speaking topics to an emcee environment.