Tom Watson – Great Competitor!

July 24, 2009

When I published The Field Guide To Sales last year one of the dedications I did in the book was to my greatest competitor ever – Rick Smith.  As you can imagine when you write a book people have opinions that don’t necessarily agree with yours and they share them.:)  Amazingly to me the one that I get the most comments about is why in the world would I dedicate the book to a COMPETITOR of all things???????????

Easy!!  Rick Smith was a GREAT COMPETITOR!

Yesterday as I watched the playoff between Tom Watson and Stewart Cink at the British Open I was reminded of Rick.  Tom Watson and Stewart Cink were both doing what they are exceptional at just as Rick and I always did when we "played" each other in the world of technology sales.

Tom and Stewart were playing great golf.alg_cink-exults

Tom and Stewart were professionals.

Tom and Stewart were loved by their customers/fans.

Tom and Stewart genuinely appreciated one another skills.

Tom and Stewart loved the game.

Tom never gave up.

Stewart did not quit early.

Stewart was standing and applauding Tom as were the fans as he made his next to last shot and when he finished his final putt Stewart was still applauding.

Tom was smiling and applauding Stewart as he took the claret jug.amd_cink-watson

On this day as with each sale there can only be one winner.

The joy of a great competitor is it makes the win even more special.


Is your competitor worthy of celebrating?

If not, perhaps you aren’t playing with the right players.  Up your game TODAY and find yourself a competitor that is worthy of your great skills in selling.

**There isn’t a day that goes by that I don’t miss the fun that I had selling against Rick Smith… the dedication in my book will forever remain:  Rick Smith  1957-2007  My greatest competitor EVER!


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